Roadmap to FlashDictation v2.0

This page gives a plan coming ideas

What is coming in the futures?

  • □ Show all submissions (right now you don't see them)
  • □ Show the average score
  • □ Show number of submissions
  • □ Replace url to file with upload audio file
  • □ Add explanation why we don't do automatic transcripts (got asked this few times)
  • □ When I start typing, the video should start playing (try, not sure if it is a good idea)
  • □ Show how many words were wrong. Give more statistics (percentage)
  • □ Ignore punctuation (for now) in the corrections
  • □ Include Google Text-To-Speech to propose the text (via button)
  • □ Add explanation to the scoring pages (ppl don't understand the diff view)
  • □ Add example pages with the InnerFrench videos (5)

Technical changes

    • □ BUG: redirection link after sign-in on production is broken. (workaround, click on the link)
      □ Replace the svg-logo to remove the font-dependency
      □ Deactivate Grammerly on input (
      □ Google friendly names for the shared dictation
  • You have a cool idea what we can add? Contact us!