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Independently improve spelling and listening comprehension

Your personal language coach for German

+Strengthen your listening and spelling skills with a self-paced learning approach.

+Get immediate feedback and noticeable progress to improve your language and academic performance.

+Customise your exercises to more effectively address your specific learning needs.

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It works as simple as this

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1.Sign Up

Create an account in seconds.

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2.Select Dictation

Choose from a selection of texts to practice spelling and grammar.

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3.Measure Your Progress

With scores and an easy overview.

Have automatic correction based on automatic marking of errors and summary in a score.


Clear overview of the learning progress


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload my own recordings and texts?
Yes, you can send us texts you have already recorded and we will upload them free of charge. Simply send them to info@flashdictation.com
Can I send you dictations to prepare?
Yes, just send us the text you want us to record and upload. We charge CHF 10 per text for the recording.